Blake Greene's logo Primary Book Display

Winter 2016 - Furniture Design - Industrial Design - Sculpture

Greene Face™

The Primary Book Display is a low-sitting media console constructed with plywood. Born out of a sculpture course, this piece of furniture had an unorthodox method of development that revolved around the study of painting, conceptual art, and sculpture as functional object.

Process: Development of Concept + Construction

The primary goal of the project was to produce a physical piece of artwork that lived somewhere between furniture and sculpture. My first step in this 5 week process was to compile an inspiration board. Inspiration included:

While considering these sources of inspiration, I created 25 sample objects to be viewed as thematically linked not only in form but also in concept, mood, style, method of construction, color, and presence.

After these studies I decided to pursue a cabinet that would contain and display objects in a celebratory manner. I began with sketches and sketch models:

These sketches and studies paved the way to a construction plan. From this plan I began building the final cabinet.

Blake Greene, 2016