Blake Greene's logo Loading Bar Watch

Fall 2015 - Industrial Design - Licensable Products - Wearable Tech.

Greene Face™
Process: Inspiration + Sketchbook

How do we perceive time in the digital age? This question is often on my mind and prompted me to quickly get these sketches committed to paper:

Once these were down I began looking at what kinds of time pieces are popular right now. In addition to watches I looked for objects, patterns, colors, and images that spoke to the idea of time in the digital age:

From here I began designing the watch face in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator while simultaneously developing the Rhino CAD model. Many arrangements and colors were considered but ultimately I wanted a face that allowed for logo placement and additional branding.

After several prototypes and stagings the final renders were made using Brazil, a Rhino add-on. The models are also designed to be 3D printed if necessary.

Blake Greene, 2016