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Spring 2016 onward - Retail Design - Graphic Design - Small Business Practices

Greene Face™

After Hours is an artist collective created by Felicia Chiao, Blake Greene, and Andrew Stewart, three members of the Rhode Island School of Design industrial design department. Our mission is to responsibly bring the absurd, silly, and wonderful to the world of industrial design and physical retail.


Below are excerpts from our pitch-deck for pop-up #1 we sent to the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. Our work explores the changing landscape of physical retail. As physical retail is replaced by the world of ecommerce, we see a great opportunity for brick and mortar retail to go in a brand new direction.


We believe guerrilla style, lightweight, portable pop-up displays that inspire awe, whimsy, and curiosity is that direction.

We are currently building our first pop-up shop and it will be on display in the Rhode Island School of Design Museum in early May.


The display is made up of 5 super lightweight, modular, Low Density Fiber Board units, ensuring easy installation and removal. Built with high traffic areas in mind, the display has a small square footprint of 5 feet by 5 feet and stands at just over 6 feet tall.


The dimensions of the display were designed with Instagram and other photo sharing social media in mind, insuring that patrons of your gallery space will be able to easily share the display and its whereabouts through social networking and word of mouth.

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Blake Greene, 2016